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14th-Feb-2008 08:53 pm - new interface is good
wow they really spiced up this site. it looks awesome. i dont have any friends on this thing so no one's reading this crap, expept maybe for mental_floss...so mental_floss if you read this, how do you like the new radiohead?
i'm loving it. looks like they'll be coming sometime soon, hopefully the ticket wont be as expensive as the hummingbird centre one.
16th-May-2007 05:22 pm(no subject)
i'm done. can't wait to get a job. havent decided yet what my boundries are with regards to location.
i wish i had enough cash to take a nice trip, but it'll have to wait. one step at a time.
1st-Apr-2007 06:15 pm(no subject)
Is it inappropriate for a 26 year old woman to want to crawl into the couch and watch wrestlemania 23?
I wish I had that channel and the time to watch it. crap!!!

stone cold stunner all the way!

ok back to work...
5th-Mar-2007 05:22 pm - been awhile
so im almost done my masters, just one more month i guess...cannot believe it.

whats next???

i have no clue and its really scaring me. one day at a time. i still feel like a teenager inside. its hard to think that i will be 27 this year.

need job now!!!!

why wont anyone hire me....waterloo is in need of a librarian....hrmmm...
25th-Jun-2006 12:47 am - the way out is through
so i joined a book club with some girls in my program. i still feel like i dont belong sometimes. they're all from pretty decent families and grew up reading books. how do you explain to people like that that you grew up with no telephone in a shit hole town of 150 people in roman catholic south italy, and turned out to be the biggest atheist ever?
i find that nothing is what it seems, i shouldnt judge them just because their parents are profs and they had stuff while growing up. everyone has to carry their own cross and i am in no worse place than anyone else. i mean ok, maybe not having books or toys kinda screwed me up a bit, but i am sooooo lucky to be here.

i believe i have witnessed the best nin show so far. its all playing back in my head. AND, a new album on the way??? WHAT????

i sat beside these two 30 something year olds, they were cool. i used to think that was lame, going to concerts at a certain age. but i think i will be like that, as long as he puts stuff out i am there, even at 80 baby!!

getting older.
10th-Jun-2006 09:27 pm(no subject)
ok radiohead concert = amazing!!!!
i hate the hummingbird, could it have been more obvious that they sold tickets to all their relatives? i have never seen so many people dressed up opera like to see radiohead.
anyway, im lucky i got to go i guess.

i fucked up again what had the potential of being a good thing. im hopeless. ah well, i will die alone but hopefully with one of my senses being satisfied. probably my taste buds with big fat juicy burger.

where i end and you begin
24th-May-2006 11:58 am(no subject)
I GOT TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23rd-May-2006 04:17 pm(no subject)
have a presentation in 2 hours. i need to relax. too nervous to eat.
i need a vacation, or just a getaway weekend, or just for a day trip, or just a big c**k inside me for a few hours........ohhh yeah!!!!
21st-May-2006 04:32 pm - that there, thats not me.
i listened to radiohead pretty much the whole weekend and i realized why i didnt listen to them for so long.
so many memories of other times. it totally brings back university years in waterloo. the sadness and loneliness, all because im stupid and i chose to be alone. i realize now the freedom that i could have had. i love the people i met and im happy some of them are still part of my life. i wish i would have been more social and met more people, but you cant force these things i guess.
being back home with the parents is definately a cock block. i need to finish my masters and get a job. maybe stay here in tdot, maybe far away, BC, Europe. who cares? no strings attached.
so divided. i would love to be away and free, but at the same time there are my instincts that say i need to stay here and find someone.
one day at the time.
17th-May-2006 10:55 am(no subject)
what an amazing show. why do i feel happy and sad?
i love the tool crowd. it was different being there with f. but it was awesome!!!!!!!

oh dear, im 25 and still find refuge and comfort in music, i cant help it.

till i
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