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the way out is through 
25th-Jun-2006 12:47 am
so i joined a book club with some girls in my program. i still feel like i dont belong sometimes. they're all from pretty decent families and grew up reading books. how do you explain to people like that that you grew up with no telephone in a shit hole town of 150 people in roman catholic south italy, and turned out to be the biggest atheist ever?
i find that nothing is what it seems, i shouldnt judge them just because their parents are profs and they had stuff while growing up. everyone has to carry their own cross and i am in no worse place than anyone else. i mean ok, maybe not having books or toys kinda screwed me up a bit, but i am sooooo lucky to be here.

i believe i have witnessed the best nin show so far. its all playing back in my head. AND, a new album on the way??? WHAT????

i sat beside these two 30 something year olds, they were cool. i used to think that was lame, going to concerts at a certain age. but i think i will be like that, as long as he puts stuff out i am there, even at 80 baby!!

getting older.
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