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that there, thats not me. 
21st-May-2006 04:32 pm
i listened to radiohead pretty much the whole weekend and i realized why i didnt listen to them for so long.
so many memories of other times. it totally brings back university years in waterloo. the sadness and loneliness, all because im stupid and i chose to be alone. i realize now the freedom that i could have had. i love the people i met and im happy some of them are still part of my life. i wish i would have been more social and met more people, but you cant force these things i guess.
being back home with the parents is definately a cock block. i need to finish my masters and get a job. maybe stay here in tdot, maybe far away, BC, Europe. who cares? no strings attached.
so divided. i would love to be away and free, but at the same time there are my instincts that say i need to stay here and find someone.
one day at the time.
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